Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day One

Day One was busy, busy, busy! We read a story titled Yo!  Yes?  It's about two boys who met and ended up playing together even though one of them was very shy. Later, we read a story about a teacher with first day of school jitters and yes, I did admit that I had had the jitters before school began today!  I'll try to post most of our READ TOs on the Shelfari bookcase found on the sidebar section of this blog.

Tomorrow I will send home the second letter for Unit 1 in Everyday Math. The program starts out slowly. Today we talked about our Math Concepts board which I also call our Numbers board. Then we discussed classroom jobs. Many of the jobs tie in with math data that we collect and organize daily. There was a little bit of time to explore our math tubs during our rainy day morning recess. The numberline is reviewed tomorrow through a fun game that some may have played last year. It's called "Monster Squeeze".

Stay tuned!

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