Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day Two

My warning to the class this morning was to put their seat belts on because Everyday Math was going to be jammed with activities.  The warm-up involved a whisper/shout count by 1s and then jobs were assigned so that we could begin to learn to collect data as a daily number routine.  We played a whole class game called "Monster Squeeze".  (Tomorrow morning we'll play the same game with pennies instead of monsters.)  

I should probably warn you that I read the book, Yes Day to our class.  It's a ridiculous story about a boy celebrating his annual "Yes Day" with his family.  In the story, a boy's parents can only say, "Yes," to all of his requests.  A few of our students now hope to start a "Yes Day" tradition at their homes. (Sorry!)

At the beginning of Writer's Workshop, I read four short titles from the Tom and Pippo book series.  Pippo's facial expressions in the books are hysterical but the real reason I like to use these texts is because they help children to realize that many authors do not write about big events.  Some of our most talented writers detail the small, everyday events that take place in all of our lives.

Toward the end of the day, we started to work on a classroom paper quilt as part of a community building activity. Many later shared that this was their favorite part of today.

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