Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reading Workshop

Your children will have the opportunity to read books in three different levels during each week of this school year. I would like to explain the differences between each.

Their INDEPENDENT level books are the easy to read titles they will work on alone in class. Each of these has a booksheet that goes with it. The booksheets help the children stay organized and focused. We bundle these up and send them home at the end of each month. A reading book in this level will soon be sent home every night to read for fun.

The books students will read with me in their GUIDED reading groups are written at their INSTRUCTIONAL level. These are challenging and will offer me a chance to see what strategies the children use and exactly what I need to teach next. (I try to choose a book that will offer one challenging word on each page.) If a child is stuck on a word, I will prompt him or her to use strategies that will help with that particular word. There is also a mini-lesson that arises out of the reading and helps prepare the students for the next level.

The book that each student will read on our classroom ibook or on my ipad is called a SHARED title. It is read as a read-along. There are patterns that emerge that the children will identify and which, ultimately, will help when they chime in with the reader.

PLEASE CELEBRATE YOUR CHILD'S SUCCESSES and realize that the books they begin to bring home next week are supposed to be easy and fun. Remember, they soon will be working on more challenging material with an adult who can determine what the next teaching step is and who will assess their progress weekly so that each is able to move through the levels as quickly as possible.

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