Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Reading Workshop

We've added a new layer to Reading Workshop. First graders are now beginning to read leveled books independently and to each other. They are learning to fill out booksheets to help keep track of the books they have read and to dictate "retells" to adults. In a retell, they list the characters in the independently read book, as well as, the setting and soon all will share a very brief retelling of what happened in the story.  Your child will now bring home a book to read every day. Please make sure that he or she packs it each morning so that others might check it out to read the following night.

At this point in time, just about all of the books are pattern books. Don't worry if your child needs a little help figuring out the pattern found on the first page of each story. Eventually, they will become better detectives and begin to develop strategies that will help whenever they need to problem solve tricky words.

The books will be memorized quickly, so it is important that your children point to each word as they read aloud IF THEY ARE BEGINNING READERS. This activity will help them to realize that when they read, they create a match between the printed word on the page and the word their voice says.

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