Saturday, October 29, 2011

Word Power Cards

I'd like to take a minute to explain the yellow cardstock sheets that we will soon send home every night. Within this blog posting,  I'll ask questions that have been asked of me in the past and perhaps the answers will clear up any confusions you might have when you see the cards for the very first time.

1. How many times should my child read the sheet to me?  

Once should do it!

2. What if my child doesn't know all of the words?

It's meant to offer practice in tapping out unknown words. Your student will show you how to do this.

3. What if my child already knows all of the words?  

Ask her/him to read for speed. I call it WORD POWER.

4. Why yellow?

I've color coded each group of words and this beginning phonics unit has the most words. It just so happens that I had a ton of yellow cardstock.

5.  Why would you add one more layer of work for my child to do at home?

As you know, children improve their reading abilities by reading every day.  If we support this daily habit of reading with fast and easy word work, first graders will learn to problem solve tricky words sooner.  

There is a strut that kids develop when they begin to use a mixture of strategies to figure out the occasional hard word.  You'll see their eyes cross-check between the picture and the word, then they may reread the sentence and finally they might tap out the word.  Best of all, they will stop asking for parent help when reading and actually act insulted when you prompt them with a word they knew they could have figured out alone!  I live to observe this attitude!  For the record:  There are only about 12 words to read on each sheet of cardstock.

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