Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Science News From the Makers of Our FOSS Kits

Balance and Motion is the new unit we are studying in science.  We will be observing and comparing how objects balance, spin, and roll, and communicating orally and in writing the things we discover.  The processes of observing, communicating, and comparing are important thinking processes that your child will be using during our investigation of these interesting characteristics of objects and systems.

Your first grader may be interested in trying some things at home.  You might want to tie a string between two chairs and see how many paper cups, craft sticks, and other objects you can balance (use clothespins for counterweights).  You could make a big mobile by suspending a broomstick and hanging things from it, or make spinning tops out of Tinkertoys or other shafts and hubs.  Check your local toy store for tops and other spinners.  The possibilities are endless, and your child can be your guide.

We're looking forward to our new unit on balance and motion to provide lots of learning and lots of fun!

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