Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Telling Time to the Half Hour

We are beginning to learn to tell time to the half hour. Please practice this skill with your first grader by logging onto a website that I have found both useful and fun.

Simply click on the yellow clock or look at this blog's sidebar under the heading CALLING ALL FIRST GRADERS. Below those words you will need to click on Time for Time. Once there, please follow these instructions:

1. You might want to ignore the "show digital" option for now.
2. Use either the + 1 minute or the - 1 minute button to line up a time to the hour such as 5:00.
3.  Advance the time by clicking on the + 1 button until the time moves forward by 30 minutes.
4. Help your child to read the time (and note the position of the clock hands) using the
following terms: 5 o'clock, half-past 5 o'clock, 6 o'clock, half-past 6 o'clock, and so on.
5.  I love the visual because it allows children to watch time move 1 minute at a time until it is half way around the clock.

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