Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Digraph Detectives

If you've been helping out with our pink Word Power Cards, then you know that we've been working on consonant digraphs. A consonant digraph is two consonants together that make one sound such as "s" and "h" together make the sound of /sh/. Because a consonant digraph makes only one sound, they only get one tap. For example, the word "sh o p" has three taps even though there are four letters because there are only three sounds to the word.

We've been working on the following consonant digraphs: 
sh - ship - /sh/ wh - whistle - /wh/ ch - chin - /ch/ th - thumb - /th/ ck - sock - /k/

Soon we hope to film our first graders tapping out words with their fingers.  Stay tuned!

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