Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Promise to Be Thoughtful

You may have heard that the Yarmouth Education Foundation has voted to fund Rowe's grant request to purchase and support the use of two iPads in each first grade classroom.  Did you know that our team felt both thrilled and honored to have received such good news in the very first round of YEF grant proposals?

Please realize that our teams teach with intention.  This means that we define our beliefs, align our practice and then we take action.  Therefore, we do not plan to load up on zillions of free apps (some of which are horrible) nor do we plan to create "gaming" stations when we receive the iPads after vacation.  Rather, we promise to thoughtfully align the use of iPads with our established practices.

What will that look like?  Well, I expect that our use of iPads will start out skinny as we begin to explore proper care and usage with our students.  We are already planning to expand the listening centers that we use within our Reading Workshops.   Each month I will blog about the new and varied ways we decide to use this wonderful tool.

The concept of Digital Citizenship should not begin with the issue of laptops in seventh grade.  Rather, it should begin with very tiny steps in primary school.  When you think of it, it's not often in education that we are given such an amazingly creative challenge.  I feel very lucky to have a front row seat in this adventure.

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