Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

I've been thinking about a new kind of a "share" that I'd like to introduce after vacation.  In an effort to warm up the month of January, I thought we'd begin with a dialog about Random Acts of Kindness.

Everyday throughout the year, I watch first graders do kind things for one another. It might be as simple as picking up trash for a table mate after snack. Or putting a folder away for a friend who was picked up by a specialist. Or making sure that a classmate has someone to play with out at recess. Or picking something up that a teacher dropped...

To help kids realize that these seemingly little actions are actually Random Acts of Kindness, I thought that we'd start to make "I Statements" when we notice one happening. "I like it when you..." Please feel free to jump on the bandwagon and take note of what your first grader does at home to help out. My hope is that by our first Friday back, everyone will be able to share a Random Act of Kindness that happened at home and one that took place at school.

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