Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earnest First Grade Poets

Did you hear that the ENTIRE first grade class worked together in the library once a week for three weeks as a part of our April poetry unit?  It's true!  Initially, Ms. Honan helped us to kick off the unit by charting everything we told her we already knew about poetry.  Then we created a list of poets we enjoy and read a poem from Chicken Soup With Rice:  A Book of Months by Maurice Sendak.  At the end of our time together, we wrote a group poem titled Spring

The second week, Ms. Honan used her iPad to share more poetry with us.  It was fun to read the poem aloud as we viewed the words on the screen in the library.  There's nothing quite so heartwarming as starting the day by reading in the midst of a sea of 100 first grade voices!

Today we listened as pairs of first grade teachers read poems written for two to the group.  (Ask your child what the poems were like!)  Later we shared poems in our pockets with our lunch table buddies.  Some of the poems were written by famous poets but most were written by Rowe first graders.  Has your child read a poem to you lately?